da850.dtsi Naming convention Question

Adam Ford aford173 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 12 06:43:10 PDT 2017

I am confused by the naming convention of the da850.dtsi file, and I
am hoping someone can clarify how this works.

Specifically, is defined int he device tree as "gpio: gpio at 226000"

Other TI boards (like omap3.dtsi) use a convention with the address
after the @ symbol.

(in omap3.dtsi, the gpio bank1 is configured as gpio1: gpio at 48310000
where 48310000 is the address of the register)

An attempt was made to correct this in:

c2a3b4bca53a ("ARM: dts: davinci: use proper address after @")  where
an fix was made to make gpio: gpio at 1e26000  which would match the
address in the TRM.  Unfortunately, it looks as if it was undone
almost right away.

My question is this:  Where did the 226000 number originate, and why
would we not want to use the actual address of the 1e26000 as defined
in the Techincal Reference manual?


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