[PATCH 2/2] arm64: dts: hi6220: enable watchdog

Wei Xu xuwei5 at hisilicon.com
Mon Sep 4 02:21:00 PDT 2017

Hi Stephen,

On 2017/9/1 21:28, Stephen Boyd wrote:
> On 09/01, Wei Xu wrote:
>> Hi Stephen,
>> On 2017/9/1 2:32, Stephen Boyd wrote:
>>> On 08/29, Leo Yan wrote:
>>>> From: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh at google.com>
>>>> This patch is to add watchdog binding for Hi6220 on Hikey board.
>>>> Signed-off-by: Dmitry Shmidt <dimitrysh at google.com>
>>>> ---
>>> This will go through arm-soc?
>> Can you pick up it for v4.14?
>> Otherwise I am fine to pick up it and queue for v4.15.
> Sounds like it will go for v4.15. Otherwise, you can send it to
> arm-soc with the raw number instead of #define number and then
> fix it up to use the #define later.

I did not get your meaning.
Do you mean the "HI6220_WDT0/1/2_PCLK" in the patch 1 that
we need to replace with raw number?
They are already in the mainline.

Best Regards,

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