[PATCH v3] mtd: physmap_of: really fix the physmap add-ons

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at linaro.org
Thu Mar 30 08:36:39 PDT 2017

The current way of building the of_physmap add-ons result in just
the add-on being in the object code, and not the actual core
implementation and regress the Gemini and Versatile.

Bake the physmap_of.o object by baking physmap_of_core.o and
adding the Versatile and/or Gemini add-ons to the final object.
Rename the source file physmap_of_core.c to get the desired
build components.

Suggested-by: Boris Brezillon <boris.brezillon at free-electrons.com>
Fixes: 4f04f68e1598 ("mtd: physmap_of: fixup gemini/versatile dependencies")
Signed-off-by: Linus Walleij <linus.walleij at linaro.org>
ChangeLog v2->v3:
- Build and bake the final object in an elegant way suggested
  by Boris.
 drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile                            | 10 ++++------
 drivers/mtd/maps/{physmap_of.c => physmap_of_core.c} |  0
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)
 rename drivers/mtd/maps/{physmap_of.c => physmap_of_core.c} (100%)

diff --git a/drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile b/drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile
index aef1846b4de2..5a09a72ab112 100644
--- a/drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile
+++ b/drivers/mtd/maps/Makefile
@@ -17,12 +17,10 @@ obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_CK804XROM)	+= ck804xrom.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_TSUNAMI)	+= tsunami_flash.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_PXA2XX)	+= pxa2xx-flash.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP)	+= physmap.o
-physmap_of-objs += physmap_of_versatile.o
-physmap_of-objs += physmap_of_gemini.o
+physmap_of-objs-y		+= physmap_of_core.o
+physmap_of-objs-$(CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_OF_VERSATILE) += physmap_of_versatile.o
+physmap_of-objs-$(CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_OF_GEMINI) += physmap_of_gemini.o
+physmap_of-objs			:= $(physmap_of-objs-y)
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_PHYSMAP_OF)	+= physmap_of.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_PISMO)		+= pismo.o
 obj-$(CONFIG_MTD_PMC_MSP_EVM)   += pmcmsp-flash.o
diff --git a/drivers/mtd/maps/physmap_of.c b/drivers/mtd/maps/physmap_of_core.c
similarity index 100%
rename from drivers/mtd/maps/physmap_of.c
rename to drivers/mtd/maps/physmap_of_core.c

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