[PATCH] mmc: core: Do not hold re-tuning during CMD6 commands

Chaotian Jing chaotian.jing at mediatek.com
Wed Mar 29 03:36:39 PDT 2017

On Wed, 2017-03-29 at 12:33 +0200, Ulf Hansson wrote:
> [...]
> >> Below is the fail log of suspend fail.
> >> the normal command tune result should be 0xffffff9ff, but some time, we
> >> get the tune result of 0xffffffff, then we choose the 10 as the best
> >> tune parameter, which is not stable.
> >> I know that we should focus on why we get the result of 0xffffffff, this
> >> may be result of device/host timing shifting while tuning. but what I
> >> want to do is that when get a response CRC error, we can do re-tune to
> >> recovery it, but not only return the -84 and cause suspend fail
> >> eventually. if all hardware are perfect, then we don't need the re-tune
> >> mechanism.
> >
> > Thanks for elaborating!
> >
> > Can you please also tell exactly which of the CMD6 commands in the
> > suspend sequence that is triggering this problem? Cache flush? Power
> > off notification?
> You didn't answer this question. I would really like to know the
> sequence of the commands you see that are being sent to the card
> during suspend. And of course in particular what command that fails.
Sorry, it's cache flush.
I assume that you have noticed the fail log(it shows that cache flush
> [...]
> Kind regards
> Uffe

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