[PATCH v22 00/11] acpi, clocksource: add GTDT driver and GTDT support in arm_arch_timer

Mark Rutland mark.rutland at arm.com
Tue Mar 28 07:53:26 PDT 2017


On Tue, Mar 28, 2017 at 10:29:10PM +0800, Fu Wei wrote:
> On 28 March 2017 at 21:05, Mark Rutland <mark.rutland at arm.com> wrote:
> > Sorry for the delay; I have not had the time to focus on this as I would
> > like to. I'm happy with patches 1-4, but from patch 5 onwards, there's
> > one change I'd like to see.
> >
> > I'd prefer that mmio timer frame rame N was always stored at
> > arch_timer_mem::frame[N], rather than arch_timer_mem::frame[] being in
> > an arbitrary order. That will make arch_timer_mem_frame::frame_nr
> > redundant.
> >
> > To allow arch_timer_mem::frame[] this to be sparse, I'm happy to have a
> > bool arch_timer_mem_frame::valid field that we set when probing each
> > frame. Then we don't need arch_timer_mem::num_frames.
> >
> > This will make iterating over the frames far less confusing, and makes
> > it simple to detect when a frame number is erroneously reused.
> >
> > Otherwise, I'm largely happy to pick the rest and apply any fixups
> > myself.
> Great thanks for your feedback!
> I will follow your suggestion to improve my patches, then post it in a day.

Thanks, that is much appreciated.

> So I will rebase my patchset on arch-timer/gtdt branch of your REPO
> https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/mark/linux.git/log/?h=arch-timer/gtdt

Yes please! The current HEAD should be:

ebbfe8889cffa12f ("clocksource: arm_arch_timer: move arch_timer_needs_of_probing into DT init call").


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