[PATCH 1/2] arm64: reduce el2_setup branching

Marc Zyngier marc.zyngier at arm.com
Tue Mar 21 08:43:32 PDT 2017

On 15/02/17 14:54, Mark Rutland wrote:
> The early el2_setup code is a little convoluted, with two branches where
> one would do. This makes the code more painful to read than is
> necessary.
> We can remove a branch and simplify the logic by moving the early return
> in the booted-at-EL1 case earlier in the function. This separates it
> from all the setup logic that only makes sense for EL2.
> Signed-off-by: Mark Rutland <mark.rutland at arm.com>
> Cc: Catalin Marinas <catalin.marinas at arm.com>
> Cc: Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier at arm.com>
> Cc: Will Deacon <will.deacon at arm.com>

Acked-by: Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier at arm.com>

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