[PATCHv2 0/9] clk: ti: add support for clkctrl clocks

Tero Kristo t-kristo at ti.com
Fri Mar 17 14:37:18 PDT 2017

On 17/03/17 17:25, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Tero Kristo <t-kristo at ti.com> [170317 02:12]:
>> Any additional testing on omap4 welcome as this series basically
>> tweaks every possible peripheral clock on the SoC.
> Without the last patch in this series, booting fails for me:
> [    5.074890] l4_per_cm:clk:0120:0: failed to disable
> [    5.085113] l4_per_cm:clk:0128:0: failed to disable
> Care to check that booting keeps working for each patch in the
> series to avoid breaking git bisect for booting?

Hmm, I think patch 8+9 need to be squashed then. I can double check this 
next week though.


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