[PATCH v2 0/4] clk: renesas: Add support for R-Car H3 ES2.0

Geert Uytterhoeven geert+renesas at glider.be
Mon Mar 13 10:12:29 PDT 2017

	Hi Mike, Stephen,

This patch series adds clock support for R-Car H3 ES2.0, which differs
from ES1.x in several areas.

The goal is twofold:
  1. Support both the ES1.x and ES2.0 SoC revisions in a single binary
     for now,
  2. Make it clear which code supports ES1.x, so it can easily be
     identified and removed later, when production SoCs are deemed

This is achieved by:
  - Updating the clock tables for the latest revision (ES2.0), but not
    removing clocks that only exist on earlier revisions (ES1.x),
  - Detecting the SoC revision at runtime using the new
    soc_device_match() API, and fixing up the clocks tables to match the
    actual SoC revision, by:
      - NULLifying core and module clocks of modules that do not exist,
      - Reparenting module clocks that have a different parent on ES1.x.

Changes compared to v1:
  - Update of various module clocks as per datasheet update,
  - Add support for RCLK on R-Car H3 ES2.0.

For testers, this series and its dependencies are available in the
topic/r8a7795es2-clk-v2 branch of my renesas-drivers git repository at
An integration branch for testing on the R-Car H3 ES2.0 based Salvator-X
development board is provided as topic/r8a7795es2-integration.

This has been tested on Salvator-X with R-Car H3 ES1.0, ES1.1, and ES2.0

I plan to queue this up in clk-renesas-for-v4.12.

Thanks for your comments!

Geert Uytterhoeven (4):
  clk: renesas: cpg-mssr: Add support for fixing up clock tables
  clk: renesas: Add r8a7795 ES2.0 CPG Core Clock Definitions
  clk: renesas: r8a7795: Add support for R-Car H3 ES2.0
  clk: renesas: rcar-gen3-cpg: Add support for RCLK on R-Car H3 ES2.0

 drivers/clk/renesas/r8a7795-cpg-mssr.c       | 201 ++++++++++++++++++++-------
 drivers/clk/renesas/rcar-gen3-cpg.c          |  38 +++--
 drivers/clk/renesas/renesas-cpg-mssr.c       |  50 +++++++
 drivers/clk/renesas/renesas-cpg-mssr.h       |  22 +++
 include/dt-bindings/clock/r8a7795-cpg-mssr.h |   7 +
 5 files changed, 257 insertions(+), 61 deletions(-)




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