IOMMU in bypass mode by default on ARM64, instead of command line option

Sunil Kovvuri sunil.kovvuri at
Tue Mar 7 04:59:09 PST 2017

>> locks which are
>> being used for IOVA maintenance and while updating translation tables inside
>> ARM SMMUv2/v3 drivers.

>Yes, we're well aware that there's a whole load of potential lock
>contention where there doesn't really need to be. The performance
>optimisation effort has mostly been waiting for sufficiently big
>systems/workloads to start appearing in order to measure and justify it.
>Consider yourself the winner :)

>> Intel and AMD IOMMU drivers does make use of per-cpu IOVA caches to
>> reduce the impact of 'iova_rbtree_lock' but ARM is yet to catchup.
>> And the other lock is 'pgtbl_lock' used in ARM SMMUv2/V3 drivers.

>Do you have any measurements to show how the contention on those two
>locks compares? That would be useful to start with.

Sure, I will capture a fresh and send you the perf data tomorrow.


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