[PATCH v3 2/7] arm: dts: Add the burst and esc clock frequency properties for exynos3250 dts

Andi Shyti andi.shyti at samsung.com
Thu Mar 2 16:26:07 PST 2017

Hi Hoegeun,

On Thu, Mar 02, 2017 at 07:20:14PM +0900, Hoegeun Kwon wrote:
> The OF graph is not needed because the panel is a child of dsi. So
> added the burst and esc clock frequency properties to the parent (DSI
> node), taking into account the bisectability problem so that remove
> the OF graph from DSI node.


1. bisectability is not a problem (and for bisectability you
   should not mention it in the commit log, you would confuse
   bisecting people)

2. you should use the imperative form, not "added the burst... "
   but "add the burst..."

Same for the other patches.


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