[PATCH 1/2] ARM64: dts: meson-gxm: Add R-Box Pro

Kevin Hilman khilman at baylibre.com
Wed Jan 18 14:27:19 PST 2017

Andreas Färber <afaerber at suse.de> writes:

> Am 17.01.2017 um 04:06 schrieb Andreas Färber:
>> diff --git a/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/Makefile b/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/Makefile
>> index 0d7bfbf7d922..66bc809a5eae 100644
>> --- a/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/Makefile
>> +++ b/arch/arm64/boot/dts/amlogic/Makefile
>> @@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MESON) += meson-gxl-nexbox-a95x.dtb
>>  dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MESON) += meson-gxm-s912-q200.dtb
>>  dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MESON) += meson-gxm-s912-q201.dtb
>>  dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MESON) += meson-gxm-nexbox-a1.dtb
> What is the logic behind meson-gxm-s912-q201 vs. meson-gxm-nexbox-a1?
> Should it be renamed to include -s912 for consistency?

Oops, I think it should be renamed for consistency.

I believe there's only one chip in the GXM family (S912) so it might be
that we could either drop the -s912 from the q20x boards or, add it to
the nexbox.

I lean towards dropping the -s912 since there's a single chip in GXM.
(FWIW, GXL has more than one chip in the family so we added the chip

>> +dtb-$(CONFIG_ARCH_MESON) += meson-gxm-rbox-pro.dtb
> Should this new board use meson-gxm-s912-?

No.  Unless Neil or you thing otherwise, I think we should send a patch
to drop the -s912 from the q20x boards instead.  (where "we" == Neil) ;)


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