[Question] A question about arm64 pte

Yisheng Xie xieyisheng1 at huawei.com
Mon Jan 16 02:08:47 PST 2017

I have question about arm64 pte.

For arm64, PTE_WRITE(== PTE_DBM) is to mark whether the page is writable,
and PTE_DIRTY is to mark whether the page is dirty.
However, PTE_RDONLY is only cleared when both PTE_WRITE and PTE_DIRTY are set.

Is that means that the page is still writable when PTE_RDONLY is set with PTE_WRITE?
But in ARM Architecture Reference Manual for ARMv8,
when PTE_RDONLY is set(AP[2:1] = 0b1x), Acess from EL1 is Ready only?

so what is the really means of the PTE_RDONLY? could some one help to explain it?

Yisheng Xie

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