[PATCH v5 2/3] dmaeninge: xilinx_dma: Fix bug in multiple frame stores scenario in vdma

Appana Durga Kedareswara Rao appana.durga.rao at xilinx.com
Thu Jan 12 06:19:57 PST 2017

Hi Vinod,

	Thanks for the review...  

> On Sat, Jan 07, 2017 at 12:15:29PM +0530, Kedareswara rao Appana wrote:
> > When VDMA is configured for more than one frame in the h/w for example
> > h/w is configured for n number of frames and user Submits n number of
> > frames and triggered the DMA using issue_pending API.
> title case in middle if sentence, no commas, can you make it easier to read
> please..

Ok sure will fix commit message in the next version.

> > In the current driver flow we are submitting one frame at a time but
> > we should submit all the n number of frames at one time as the h/w Is
> > configured for n number of frames.
> s/Is/is

Ok sure will fix in the next version....


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