[PATCH] PCI/MSI: pci-xgene-msi: Fix CPU hotplug registration handling

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior bigeasy at linutronix.de
Wed Jan 11 02:33:03 PST 2017

On 2017-01-11 10:26:47 [+0000], Marc Zyngier wrote:
> The conversion to the new hotplug state machine introduced a regression
> where a successful hotplug registration would be treated as an error,
> effectively disabling the MSI driver forever.
> Fix it by doing the proper check on the return value.
> Fixes: 9c248f8896e6 ("PCI/xgene-msi: Convert to hotplug state machine")
Acked-by: Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <bigeasy at linutronix.de>


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