[PATCH v3] arm64: mm: Fix NOMAP page initialization

Robert Richter robert.richter at cavium.com
Mon Jan 9 03:53:20 PST 2017

On 06.01.17 08:37:25, Ard Biesheuvel wrote:
> Any comments on the performance impact (including boot time) ?

I did a kernel compile test and kernel mode time increases by about
2.2%. Though this is already significant, we need a more suitable mem
benchmark here for further testing.

For boot time I dont see significant changes.


Boot times:

[   25.929134]
[   25.548830]
[   25.503225]

early_pfn_valid() v3:
[   25.773814]
[   25.548428]
[   25.765290]

Kernel compile times (3 runs each):


real    6m4.088s
user    372m57.607s
sys     16m55.158s

real    6m1.532s
user    372m48.453s
sys     16m50.370s

real    6m4.061s
user    373m18.753s
sys     16m57.027s

early_pfn_valid() v3:

real    6m3.261s
user    373m15.816s
sys     16m30.019s

real    6m2.980s
user    373m9.019s
sys     16m32.992s

real    6m2.574s
user    372m45.146s
sys     16m33.218s

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