[PATCH v6 06/14] irqchip: gicv3-its: platform-msi: refactor its_pmsi_init() to prepare for ACPI

Tomasz Nowicki tn at semihalf.com
Tue Jan 3 23:29:10 PST 2017

On 04.01.2017 08:02, Hanjun Guo wrote:
> Hi Tomasz,
> On 2017/1/3 15:41, Tomasz Nowicki wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Can we merge patch 4 & 6 into one patch so that we keep refactoring part
>> as one piece ? I do not see a reason to keep them separate or have patch
>> 5 in between. You can refactor what needs to be refactored, add
>> necessary functions to iort.c and then support ACPI for
>> irq-gic-v3-its-platform-msi.c
> There are two functions here,
>  - retrieve the dev id from IORT which was DT based only;
>  - init the platform msi domain from MADT;
> For each of them split it into two steps,
>  - refactor the code for ACPI later and it's easy for review
>    because wen can easily to figure out it has functional
>    change or not
>  - add ACPI functionality
> Does it make sense?

It is up to Marc, but personally I prefer:
1. Refactor dev id retrieving and init function in one patch and 
highlight no functional changes in changelog
2. Crate necessary infrastructure in iort.c
3. Then add ACPI support to irq-gic-v3-its-platform-msi.c


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