[PATCH 0/4] video: ARM CLCD: add support of an optional GPIO to enable panel

Vladimir Zapolskiy vz at mleia.com
Sun Jan 1 12:50:45 PST 2017

On 12/30/2016 10:23 AM, Linus Walleij wrote:
> On Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 4:27 AM, Vladimir Zapolskiy <vz at mleia.com> wrote:
>> The changeset contains a number of cleanups, changed semantics of
>> init_panel() callback, which allows to simplify getting of panel
>> properties from panel device tree node, and a handling of optional
>> "enable-gpios" panel property, the latter is described in
>> display/panel/panel-dpi.txt device tree binding documentation, but
>> it has been unsupported by the ARM CLCD driver.
>> Vladimir Zapolskiy (4):
>>   video: ARM CLCD: sort included headers out alphabetically
>>   video: ARM CLCD: use panel device node for panel initialization
>>   video: ARM CLCD: use panel device node for getting backlight and mode
>>   video: ARM CLCD: add support of an optional GPIO to enable panel
> As you may have seen Tomi has stepped down as FBDEV maintainer and
> this subsystem is now orphaned.
> I guess Andrew Morton merges patches for it in this case, he usually does.

Hello Andrew,

if you have the patches in your mailbox, could you please review and
apply them for the next?

> But what we should actually do is create a new DRM driver for CLCD
> in drivers/gpu/drm/arm/clcd*
> It's maybe not a small undertaking :(
> But in case you're interested in the job, I will pitch in and test the result
> on all ARM reference designs plus Nomadik.

I'll take a look at this task, talking about the controller itself
it should be relatively easy to port the driver to DRM and replace
panel initialization code with a panel-simple driver, however platform
specific hooks for Nomadik and Versatile require special attention,
and because I don't have that hardware I'll keep my hands off it. FWIW
the LPC32xx and LPC18xx/LPC43xx platforms for which I did this change
don't need anything out of the shared video/fbdev/amba-clcd.c code.

With best wishes,

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