[PATCH v4 00/21] PCI: fix config space memory mappings

Dongdong Liu liudongdong3 at huawei.com
Wed Apr 26 06:53:30 EDT 2017

Tested-by: Dongdong Liu <liudongdong3 at huawei.com>

I tested the patchset on HiSilicon ARM64 D05 board.It works ok with 82599 netcard.

在 2017/4/25 14:40, Jon Masters 写道:
> On 04/19/2017 12:48 PM, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
>> On some platforms (ie ARM/ARM64) ioremap fails to comply with the PCI
>> configuration non-posted write transactions requirement, because it
>> provides a memory mapping that issues "bufferable" or, in PCI terms
>> "posted" write transactions. Likewise, the current pci_remap_iospace()
>> implementation maps the physical address range that the PCI translates
>> to I/O space cycles to virtual address space through pgprot_device()
>> attributes that on eg ARM64 provides a memory mapping issuing
>> posted writes transactions, which is not PCI specifications compliant.
> Side note that I've pinged all of the ARM server vendors and asked them
> to verify this patch series on their platforms.
> Jon.
> .

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