[Query] Enabling parent device clock from resume_noirq

Kishon Vijay Abraham I kishon at ti.com
Tue Apr 18 02:07:20 EDT 2017


resume_noirq callbacks are used in PCIe core to restore PCI state (this
accesses PCI module). So the clocks of PCI module has to be enabled before

The clocks for the PCI module in DRA7xx is provided by PIPE3 PHY device which
in turn gets it's clock from OCP2SCP device. During resume_noirq callbacks,
pm_runtime is disabled, so pm_runtime_get_sync is ineffective. However
pm_runtime can be enabled using pm_runtime_force_resume. Now the problem is
adding pm_runtime_force_resume() in resume_noirq callback of pci-dra7xx driver
will enable only the pm_runtime of PCI device but not PIPE3 PHY or OCP2SCP.
Adding pm_runtime_force_resume() in resume_noirq callback of PIPE3 PHY driver
or OCP2SCP driver will not help if the resume_noirq callbacks in PIP3PHY driver
and OCP2SCP driver are invoked after the resume_noirq of pci-dra7xx driver.

How to enable the pm_runtime of parent devices in resume_noirq callback? Does
existing pm_runtime framework has support for that?


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