[PATCH 1/1] ARM: dts: armada-xp-linksys-mamba: use wan instead of internet for DSA port

Andrew Lunn andrew at lunn.ch
Wed Apr 5 08:50:32 PDT 2017

> In fact "internet" label on the case is uppercase, would this matter
> for you for new bindings, or would you still use the lowercase version?

I would use lower case, just to fix with the general convention that
interface names are lower case.

> > I would say, this is now too late. Changing an interface name will
> > break configuration scripts. We are stuck with it.
> > 
> If it weren't for commit cb4f71c42988 that would have been obvious for
> me as well.

Yes, that was not nice. But it was also very earlier in the life of
38x, so it just affected a few developers with reference boards, not
real products out in the wild, as far as i remember.


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