[PATCH 10/10] PM / Domains: Add support for removing nested PM domains by provider

Ulf Hansson ulf.hansson at linaro.org
Fri Sep 9 07:21:45 PDT 2016


>>>  /**
>>> + * of_genpd_remove_tail - Remove the last PM domain registered for a provider
>>> + * @provider: Pointer to device structure associated with provider
>> The naming of this function would be okay, if we only have added
>> genpds in the gpd_list by using list_add_tail(), although we don't.
>> Instead we use list_add() and put them first in the list.
>> So, unless we change to use list_add_tail() when adding genpds (I
>> assume we can do that!), I would rather change the name of this
>> function to of_genpd_remove_first().
>> What option do you prefer?
> I think that I would prefer either of_genpd_remove_last() or
> of_genpd_remove_one(). Although _first is accurate from the list
> perspective it seems odd from the user perspective. I think that _last
> is more meaningful as we are removing the last that was added regardless
> or how things appear on the list. Alternatively, _one could be a good
> compromise.

I am fine with of_genpd_remove_last().


Kind regards

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