Kexec regression in next-20160906

Thiago Jung Bauermann bauerman at
Tue Sep 6 16:33:20 PDT 2016

Hello Tony,

Am Dienstag, 06 September 2016, 15:09:37 schrieb Tony Lindgren:
> Looks like commit 5c01cdd2d4bc ("kexec_file: allow skipping checksum
> calculation for some segments") makes next-20160916 stop working for
> me at least on ARM.
> I now get "kexec_load failed: Invalid argument error" on loading the
> new kernel to memory with kexec -l.
> Reverting the following two commits makes things work for me again:
> d2bf993afdf1 ("kexec_file: add mechanism to update kexec segments")
> 5c01cdd2d4bc ("kexec_file: allow skipping checksum calculation for
> some segments")

Thanks for reporting the problem and finding the commit that caused it.
The only thing in commit 5c01cdd2d4bc which can affect kexec_load is the 
fact that struct kexec_segment has a new member.

This is probably breaking the ABI on ARM, then. I verified that kexec_load 
kept working on ppc64le with a kexec binary compiled with the original 
struct kexec_segment definition, but apparently I got lucky.

I'll prepare a new version of the kexec buffer hand-over series which 
doesn't touch struct kexec_segment.

Thiago Jung Bauermann
IBM Linux Technology Center

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