wdt, gpio: move arch_initcall into subsys_initcall ?

Vladimir Zapolskiy vladimir_zapolskiy at mentor.com
Tue Nov 15 03:32:27 PST 2016

On 11/15/2016 01:10 PM, Vladimir Zapolskiy wrote:
> Hello Heiko,
> On 11/15/2016 12:20 PM, Heiko Schocher wrote:
>> Hello,
>> commit e188cbf7564f: "gpio: mxc: shift gpio_mxc_init() to subsys_initcall level"
>> moves the gpio initialization of the mxc gpio driver
>> from the arch_initcall level into subsys_initcall level.
>> This leads now on mxc boards, which use a gpio wdt driver
>> and the CONFIG_GPIO_WATCHDOG_ARCH_INITCALL option enabled,
>> to unwanted driver probe deferrals during kernel boot.
>> I see this currently on an imx6 based board (which has unfortunately
>> 3 WDT: imx6 internal (disabled), gpio wdt and da9063 WDT ...).
>> Also a side effect from above commit is, that the da9063 WDT driver
>> is now probed before the gpio WDT driver ... so /dev/watchdog now
>> does not point to the gpio_wdt, instead it points to the da9063 WDT.
>> So there are 2 solutions possible:
>>   in drivers/gpio/gpio-mxc.c like for the gpio_wdt.c driver?
> in my opinion this is overly heavy solution and it might be
> better to avoid it if possible.
> I would rather prefer to reconsider GPIO_WATCHDOG_ARCH_INITCALL
> usage in the watchdog driver.
> Moreover adding this proposed GPIO_MCX_ARCH_INITCALL to call
> the driver on arch level will result in deferring the GPIO driver.
>>   But how can we guarantee, that first the gpio driver and then
>>   the gpio_wdt driver gets probed?
>> - move the arch_initcall in gpio_wdt.c into a subsys_initcall
>>   (Tested this, and the probe dereferral messages are gone ...)
>>   But this may results in problems on boards, which needs an early
>>   trigger on an gpio wdt ...
> The level of "earliness" can not be defined in absolute time value
> in any case, why decreasing the init level of the watchdog driver
> to subsys level can cause problems? For that there should exist
> some kind of a dependency on IC or PCB hardware level, can you
> name it please?
> Also please note that more than a half of all GPIO drivers settle
> on subsys or later initcall level, this means that there is
> an expected GPIO watchdog driver deferral for all of them.

Please find two more late notes though.

> I propose to send two patches for review:
> 1. remove GPIO_WATCHDOG_ARCH_INITCALL option completely and decouple
>    module_platform_driver() into arch_initcall() and module_exit()
>    unconditionally.
> 2. change arch_initcall() in the watchdog driver to subsys_initcall().
>    This change removes probe deferrals on boot, when the driver is
>    used with the most of the GPIO controllers.

Alternatively commit 5e53c8ed813d ("watchdog: gpio_wdt: Add option for
early registration") can be reverted and then module_platform_driver()
is decoupled into subsys_initcall() and module_exit() as its replacement.

And also please note that since quite many GPIO controller drivers
live on initcall levels after subsys_initcall(), the solution won't
let to avoid watchdog driver deferrals totally, this should be accepted.

With best wishes,

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