[PATCH v8 2/3] gpio: mmio: add DT support for memory-mapped GPIOs

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at linaro.org
Tue May 10 05:08:45 PDT 2016

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 3:08 PM, Christian Lamparter
<chunkeey at googlemail.com> wrote:

> From: Álvaro Fernández Rojas <noltari at gmail.com>
> This patch adds support for defining memory-mapped GPIOs which
> are compatible with the existing gpio-mmio interface.

Overall very nice, just waiting for the next version.

> The first user for this binding is "wd,mbl-gpio".

And that binding defines that we have a register named "dat".

> +       if (of_property_read_bool(dev->of_node, "no-output"))

And then this too.

Do we want these generic MMIO bindings (dat, no-output)
in a special document like

Going forward?

This patch set mainly deals with refactorings, but in the
long run we want to slim things down a bit and use standard
bindings I think.

Linus Walleij

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