[PATCH v3 0/8] arm64: rockchip: Initial GeekBox enablement

Giuseppe CAVALLARO peppe.cavallaro at st.com
Fri Mar 11 01:09:49 PST 2016

On 3/10/2016 5:47 PM, Dinh Nguyen wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 10, 2016 at 3:13 AM, Giuseppe CAVALLARO
> <peppe.cavallaro at st.com> wrote:
>> On 3/9/2016 5:31 PM, Dinh Nguyen wrote:
>>> On Wed, Mar 9, 2016 at 8:53 AM, Giuseppe CAVALLARO
>>> <peppe.cavallaro at st.com> wrote:
>>>> Hi Tomeu, Dinh, Andreas
>>>> I need a sum and help from you to go ahead on the
>>>> tx timeout.
>>>> The "stmmac: MDIO fixes" seems to be the candidate to
>>>> fix the phy connection and I will send the V2 asap (Andreas' comment).
>>>> So, supposing the probe is ok and phy is connected,
>>>> I need your input ...
>>>>    Tomeu: after revering the 0e80bdc9a72d (stmmac: first frame
>>>>           prep at the end of xmit routine) the network is
>>>>           not stable and there is a timeout after a while.
>>>>           The box has 3.50 with normal desc settings.
>>>>    Dinh: the network is ok, I wonder if you can share a boot
>>>>          log just to understand if the normal or enhanced
>>>>          descriptors are used.
>>> Here it is:
>> ...
>>> [    0.850523] stmmac - user ID: 0x10, Synopsys ID: 0x37
>>> [    0.855570]  Ring mode enabled
>>> [    0.858611]  DMA HW capability register supported
>>> [    0.863128]  Enhanced/Alternate descriptors
>>> [    0.867482]  Enabled extended descriptors
>>> [    0.871482]  RX Checksum Offload Engine supported (type 2)
>>> [    0.876948]  TX Checksum insertion supported
>>> [    0.881204]  Enable RX Mitigation via HW Watchdog Timer
>>> [    0.886863] socfpga-dwmac ff702000.ethernet eth0: No MDIO subnode found
>>> [    0.899090] libphy: stmmac: probed
>>> [    0.902484] eth0: PHY ID 00221611 at 4 IRQ POLL (stmmac-0:04) active
>> Thx Dinh, so you are using the Enhanced/Alternate descriptors
>> I am debugging on my side on a setup with normal descriptors, I let you
>> know
> Doesn't the printout "Enhanced/Alternate descriptors"  mean that I'm using
> Enhanced/Alternate descriptors?

yes this means that you have the Databook 3.70a and, from the HW
capability register, the driver will use the Enhanced/Alternate
descriptors. This is the same HW I am using on my side where the
stmmac is working fine.

In the case where it is failing on net-next, although on Databook 3.50a,
the HW  capability register says that there is no enhanced descriptors
and the driver uses the normal ones.

Tomeu, I kindly ask you to try the patch attached. I found a bug on Tx
path for normal descriptors. Please let me know if this help.
Also let me know if we actually need to revert the 0e80bdc9a72d.

I am trying to find some HW where test the normal descriptors to
speed-up the tests on my side directly.

Let me know and thx in advance.


> Dinh
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