[PATCH 2/2] arm: fix kernel image size

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Wed Jun 22 00:36:16 PDT 2016

* Russell King - ARM Linux <linux at armlinux.org.uk> [160621 14:54]:
> So that's 20.7MB, and the zImage was 3.6MB.  You're getting an
> expansion ratio of 5.7x.
> To fix that, we'd need to up it to 7x, but the problem with upping
> it in this way is that it increases the requirements for the
> crashdump region too.  We can play with this number, but there will
> always be cases where it doesn't work - either because the ratio is
> too big or too small.


> By way of illustration, "zImage size + MAX_RODATA_SZ + 4x zImage size"
> doesn't even work for this case, since you need about 25MB.  Your
> calculation comes out at 22MB, which is 3MB short.  Not only that, but
> it introduces (from what I can see) an irrelevant fudge factor of
> "MAX_RODATA_SZ" which has no basis in what's really going on here, and
> I'm left wondering what "MAX_RODATA_SZ" is actually referring to.

Well I thinking the section alignment split might give us some
known size for rodata, but looking at it more it's only with
DEBUG_ALIGN_RODATA. If we can't make any assumptions about the
size of the rodata, then no point adding it.

> So... I'm of the opinion that we shouldn't play with it - but instead
> try to come up with a solution which *doesn't* involve teaching kexec
> a whole load of internals about how the ARM kernel booting happens.
> What's more worrying to me at the moment, though, is that the kexec code
> only tries to find memory for the actual "kernel" size, not the actual
> space required to decompress the kernel.  It could find a chunk of
> memory large enough to fit the kernel image to be loaded, but is not big
> enough to allow its decompression.  kexec is really quite a mess on
> ARM. :(

How about we check the size of RAM available, and if there is plenty
of RAM we use a safe compression ratio of 8. If RAM is a problem,
we could make the compression ratio smaller and warn about it. And
we could also allow passing the compression ratio to kexec as an

I forgot if we still have some 128MB limits too..



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