[GIT PULL 6/7] Broadcom defconfig changes for 4.8 Part 1

Scott Branden scott.branden at broadcom.com
Mon Jun 20 15:25:31 PDT 2016

HI Olof,

On 16-06-20 03:04 PM, Olof Johansson wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 2:43 PM, Scott Branden
> <scott.branden at broadcom.com> wrote:
>> Hi Olof,
>> On 16-06-19 10:54 PM, Olof Johansson wrote:
>>> On Thu, Jun 16, 2016 at 06:56:14PM -0700, Florian Fainelli wrote:
>>>> The following changes since commit
>>>> 1a695a905c18548062509178b98bc91e67510864:
>>>>     Linux 4.7-rc1 (2016-05-29 09:29:24 -0700)
>>>> are available in the git repository at:
>>>>     http://github.com/Broadcom/stblinux.git tags/arm-soc/for-4.8/defconfig
>>>> for you to fetch changes up to 41463c3e6eae3dfa4377069966ed02b4ba378e79:
>>>>     ARM: Remove bcm_defconfig (2016-06-16 13:40:49 -0700)
>>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> This pull request contains defconfig changes for Broadcom ARM-based SoCs:
>>>> - Florian enables support for the BCM63xx DSL SoCs basic peripherals,
>>>> enables
>>>>     the networking subsystems for Set Top Box SoCs, enables the PWM,
>>>> watchdog and
>>>>     the AHCI controller and SATA PHY drivers
>>>> - Florian removes the bcm_defconfig file which is no longer useful and
>>>> updates
>>>>     multi_v7_defconfig to include the Kona watchdog to provide proper
>>>> reboot for the
>>>>     Broadcom Kona platforms
>>>> Please note that Tejun Heo has queued a patch which renames AHCI_BRCMSTB
>>>> into
>>>> AHCI_BRCM, to avoid two patches in a row, we just enable AHCI_BRCM to be
>>>> future
>>>> proof
>>> So, you say that bcm_defconfig is no longer useful. While I'm happy to see
>>> the
>>> number of defconfigs go down, I'd like to clarify that we do still see
>>> per-SoC
>>> defconfigs somewhat useful, in that they are a lot closer to what someone
>>> would
>>> want to use for defconfig in a product kernel based on the SoC. It's
>>> easier to
>>> start from the SoC-specific defconfig and remove pieces that aren't needed
>>> than
>>> to start from multi_v7_defconfig.
>> I completely agree that per-SoC defconfigs are extremely useful. I attempted
>> to do so for Cygnus and would like to for other Broadcom SoCs as well.
>> Unfortunately Arnd's policy was one defconfig per company. This prevents use
>> from doing so. Broadcom has a variety of SoCs and families. Some share
>> technology, others are entirely different. On the projects I work with we
>> don't use multi_v7_defconfig nor do our customers. We use per SoC
>> defconfigs.
> Yeah, I'm with Arnd on this in general; we can't do a crazy number of
> defconfigs -- which is why I said it's a starting point for further
> paring down. Still, given the variety of platforms from Broadcom it's
> likely too broad to be useful. Removing it makes sense.

I have been attempting to add Kconfig defaults to new drivers we are 
upstreaming.  That way if a driver is used for an SoC family you simply 
can select the SoC family and voila the drivers are all default selected 
for you.  An added benefit is we don't need to submit patches for 
multi_v7_defconfig every time we upstream a new driver.  The drivers are 
automatically selected via the Kconfig.  If this was promoted in the 
Kconfig files then all the other SoC specific defconfig files could be 
removed.  All information about the SoC would be contained in the kernel 
instead of being maintained elsewhere.  The user could generate any 
defconfig for their specific SoC(s) and the only paring down to be done 
would be limited to removing drivers that they don't use on their 
specific SoC.  I have not added defaults for existing drivers - but if 
acceptable may do so at some time.  This may make a long list of 
defaults for popular drivers, but it makes things far more maintainable 
than multiple defconfigs or burying SoC kernel specifics in a build system.

>> So, as it stands bcm_defconfig is of little use to us. We are able to
>> upstream everything into the kernel except for the defconfig file. We are
>> forced to maintain these internally. Yet we are able to upstream dts files
>> which are per board...
> There's a huge difference in the cost of carrying a defconfig vs a dts
> file. A dts file is very cheap to compile and carry, while each
> defconfig adds a significant amount of time spent on build coverage.
Perhaps the build coverage should only be for multi_v7_defconfig and a 
big endian build version of it?
> -Olof


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