[PATCH v8 5/9] ARM: dts: am437x/am33xx/da850: Add new ECAP and EPWM bindings

Tony Lindgren tony at atomide.com
Fri Jun 10 03:34:23 PDT 2016

* Franklin S Cooper Jr <fcooper at ti.com> [160503 08:58]:
> Switch to a new ECAP and EPWM bindings that doesn't depend on hwmod to
> provide the various required clocks.
> For AM437 and AM335x, add the required clocks explicitly to DT. The
> hwmod entries for ECAP and EPWM will be removed and this will prevent
> anything from breaking.

I've applying the first patch into omap-for-v4.8/soc, the rest into
omap-for-v4.8/dt. Note that this patch did not apply against d850.dtsi
so please resend that change as a separate patch to the davinci



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