[STLinux Kernel] [PATCH 0/7] reset: Consumers to explicitly request 'exclusive' or 'shared' lines

Peter Griffin peter.griffin at linaro.org
Tue Jun 7 01:42:08 PDT 2016


On Mon, 06 Jun 2016, Lee Jones wrote:

> Phasing out generic reset line requests enables us to make some better
> decisions on when and how to (de)assert said lines.  If an 'exclusive'
> line is requested, we know a device *requires* a reset and that it's
> preferable to act upon a request right away.  However, if a 'shared'
> reset line is requested, we can reasonably assume sure that placing a
> device into reset isn't a hard requirement, but probably a measure to
> save power and is thus able to cope with not being asserted if another
> device is still in use.
> In order allow gentle adoption and not to forcing all consumers to
> move to the API immediately, causing administration headache between
> subsystems, this patch adds some temporary stand-in shim-calls.  This
> will ease the burden at merge time and allow subsystems to migrate over
> to the new API in a more realistic time-frame.

Is the intention that this series will be taken into the next -rc?

As the introduction of shared resets in reset subsystem has caused regressions
on STi platforms.



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