[PATCH] mtd: nuc900_nand: read correct SMISR register

Wan Zongshun vw at iommu.org
Fri Jan 15 07:01:33 PST 2016

> This sounds great, good to hear!
> I see that your last feature contribution to mach-w90x900 was a little over
> 5 years ago, before we started the current arm-soc process, after that
> we only had bug fixes and smaller cleanups.
> I don't know to what degree you have been following what the other platforms
> have done in the meantime, so let me try to get you up to speed:
> * All patches from platform maintainers by default get merged through the
>    arm-soc tree at http://git.kernel.org/cgit/linux/kernel/git/arm/arm-soc.git
>    Please send patches "To: arm at kernel.org", Cc the relevant mailing lists,
>    and split them up to you submit bug fixes, cleanups, and new features
>    separately (they go into different branches)
> * All actively maintained platforms should use CONFIG_ARCH_MULTIPLATFORM.
>    This will take significant work for mach-w90x900, but you don't have to
>    do it all at once. As a rule of thumb, I'd expect that for any work
>    you do on new features in the platform, an at least equal amount of work
>    is spent on getting closer to multiplatform support until you are done.
>    This has worked well for most other platforms, and with the work that
>    Mike has done it is all complete.
> * We have basically stopped taking new board files and moved on to
>    using devicetree descriptions of the hardware. It's probably ok to
>    add one more board file for the nuc970 reference design here if you
>    also work on the cleanup and you don't expect to add multiple other
>    machines. Again, Mike's port seems already uses DT.
> * The multiplatform work does not require the dts conversion, but it
>    does require converting the clock.c file into a driver for drivers/clk/,
>    and it requires converting the interrupt handling to use an irqchip
>    are usually not hard to do if you have the hardware for testing, but
>    it's not easy otherwise.
> * I've merged a patch that moves all mach/*.h headers out of the globally
>    visible directory to arch/arm/mach-w90x900/*.h directly unless they are
>    used by some driver outside of mach-w90x900. To complete the multiplatform
>    work, all remaining headers have to be moved as well, either into the
>    driver or into the platform directory.
> * I'd suggest you start by looking at n329 code from Mike before you
>    submit the nuc970 support. As I think it gets all of the above right
>    already, it may even be possible to support the nuc970 through the
>    new mach-n329 support, or to share a large portion of the code.

I really appreciate your great nice help.
I will fully consider your proposal and try my best to clean nuc900 plat 
codes to keep up to date.

Wan Zongshun.

> 	Arnd

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