how to enable suspend to ram for arm-64 bits

Sudeep Holla sudeep.holla at
Wed Aug 17 10:49:47 PDT 2016

Hi Yoma,

On 17/08/16 18:26, yoma sophian wrote:
> hi all: After I finish porting aarch64 linux kernel on my platform
> and enable CONFIG_PM and CONFIG_SUSPEND,  I found there is no output
> when I cat /sys/power/state.
> After tracing kernel code, kernel/power/suspend.c, it seems we need
> to create global suspend method table with suspend_set_ops then we
> can get valid pm_states.

Correct. What's the cpu enable method on your platform ? Is it PSCI ?
If yes, does you PSCI implementation support SYSTEM_SUSPEND ? If yes,
it should work. Check your PSCI implementation otherwise.

> Is any dts or place like arm/match-xxx for registering global suspend
> method?

No, currently only PSCI is supported and the firmware is queried and the
suspend_ops is registered automatically.



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