[PATCH] arm64: erratum: Workaround for Kryo reserved system register read

Suzuki K Poulose Suzuki.Poulose at arm.com
Fri Apr 8 03:31:26 PDT 2016

On 08/04/16 11:24, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> On 08/04/16 10:58, Suzuki K Poulose wrote:
>> On 07/04/16 18:31, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>>>> +	All system register encodings above use the form
>>>> +
>>>> +	Op0, Op1, CRn, CRm, Op2.
>>>> +
>>>> +	Note that some of the encodings listed above include
>>>> +	the system register space reserved for the following
>>>> +	identification registers which may appear in future revisions
>>>> +	of the ARM architecture beyond ARMv8.0.
>>>> +	This space includes:
>>>> +	ID_AA64PFR[2-7]_EL1
>>>> +	ID_AA64DFR[2-3]_EL1
>>>> +	ID_AA64AFR[2-3]_EL1
>>>> +	ID_AA64ISAR[2-7]_EL1
>>>> +	ID_AA64MMFR[2-7]_EL1
>> AFAIK, the id space is unassigned. So the naming above could cause confusion
>> if the register is named something else.
> It is reserved *at the moment*, but already has a defined behaviour. My

Absolutely, they do need to be RAZ.  My point was assigning names to the reserved
space where the names are unassigned.

> worry is that when some new architecture revision comes around, we start
> using these registers without thinking much about it (because we should
> be able to). At this point, your SoC will catch fire and nobody will
> have a clue about the problem because it is not apparent in the code.
> I'd really like to see something a bit more forward looking that covers
> that space for good.

I agree, the patch definitely needs to take care of handling the entire space.


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