[PATCH v10 00/17] Add ACPI support for Xen Dom0 on ARM64

Julien Grall julien.grall at arm.com
Wed Apr 6 04:32:49 PDT 2016

Hi Shannon,

On 01/04/2016 16:48, Shannon Zhao wrote:
> This patch set adds ACPI support for Xen Dom0 on ARM64. The relevant Xen
> ACPI on ARM64 design document could be found from [1].
> This patch set adds a new FDT node "uefi" under /hypervisor to pass UEFI
> information. Introduce a bus notifier of AMBA and Platform bus to map
> the new added device's MMIO space. Make Xen domain use
> xlated_setup_gnttab_pages to setup grant table and a new hypercall to
> get event-channel irq.
> Regarding the initialization flow of Linux kernel, it needs to move
> xen_early_init() before efi_init(). Then xen_early_init() will check
> whether it runs on Xen through the /hypervisor node and efi_init() will
> call a new function fdt_find_xen_uefi_params(), to parse those
> xen,uefi-* parameters just like the existing efi_get_fdt_params().
> And in arm64_enable_runtime_services() it will check whether it runs on
> Xen and call another new function xen_efi_runtime_setup() to setup
> runtime service instead of efi_native_runtime_setup(). The
> xen_efi_runtime_setup() will assign the runtime function pointers with
> the functions of driver/xen/efi.c.
> And since we pass a /hypervisor node and a /chosen node to Dom0, it
> needs to check whether the DTS only contains a /hypervisor node and a
> /chosen node in acpi_boot_table_init().
> Patches are tested on FVP base model. They can be fetched from[2].

I have tested this series and Linux is booting up to the prompt:

Tested-by: Julien Grall <julien.grall at arm.com>


Julien Grall

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