[PATCH v2 0/7] New Atmel PIO4 pinctrl/gpio driver

Nicolas Ferre nicolas.ferre at atmel.com
Wed Sep 23 07:46:31 PDT 2015

Le 21/09/2015 20:50, Linus Walleij a écrit :
> On Wed, Sep 16, 2015 at 8:36 AM, Ludovic Desroches
> <ludovic.desroches at atmel.com> wrote:
>> The Atmel PIO4 controller has been introduced with SAMA5D2 chip family. This
>> drivers manages both pinmux/pinconf and gpio stuff. It is inspired by Mediatek
>> pinctrl driver.
>> Changes from v1:
>> - remove some unneeded gpio specific ops (gpio_request, gpio_free,
>>   gpio_request_enable, gpio_disable_free and gpio_set_direction).
>> - code styling fixes.
>> - add sama5d2 pin description and device pin muxing.
> Looks Good To Me, and has Sascha's ACKs, so merged patches
> 1, 2, 3, 4 to the pinctrl tree. Please merge the AT91 DT things into
> the AT91 tree.


So patch 5 is included in at91-4.4-defconfig branch.
patches 6 and 7 queued in at91-4.4-dt branch.
They are included in at91-next that is merged in linux-next and will
both take the arm-soc path later in the cycle.

Thanks, bye,
Nicolas Ferre

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