[RFC PATCH v4 2/4] genirq: add move_irqs() for cpu hotplug

Yang Yingliang yangyingliang at huawei.com
Thu Sep 17 18:13:01 PDT 2015

On 2015/9/18 6:09, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 18, 2015 at 12:04:06AM +0200, Thomas Gleixner wrote:
>> On Thu, 17 Sep 2015, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>>> I don't think having this prototype guarded by this #if is very useful.
>>> You can probably leave it standalone.
>> Yes, there is no point if the function name is unique. Though
>> move_irqs() is rather undescriptive. irq_break_affinities() might
>> describe it quite well, but feel free to come up with soemthing better.
> I don't think "irq_break_affinities" is anywhere near a good name - it's
> not about always breaking affinities (moving an IRQ off one CPU onto
> another within the current affinity setting does not break the affinity.)
> irq_migrate_all()
> irq_migrate_all_off_this_cpu()
> irq_this_cpu_hotunplug()
> irq_cpu_hotunplug()

irq_migrate_all_off_this_cpu() describe it well, I will choose it.


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