[PATCH v5 05/11] drivers: PL011: refactor pl011_probe()

Timur Tabi timur at tabi.org
Thu Sep 3 11:09:40 PDT 2015

On 09/03/2015 11:54 AM, Andre Przywara wrote:

> I don't get where pl011_early_write() would need any kind of PL011 struct.
> It only references structures defined in the serial core, so it's
> completely dumb MMIO writes and reads, using only the base address
> provided on the command line.
> Are you by any chance mixing up early console and the normal console? To
> me it looks like early console just uses the three tiny functions
> defined just before the declaration and it does not touch vendor at all,
> isn't it?
> As for the broken part, any chance you were testing -next, which has
> some patches that broke early console, as we learned today?[1]

I have to apologize -- I forgot that I applied an internal patch that 
modified this code, and the bug is in that patch, not yours.  Your code 
is fine as is.

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