Cortex A9 MP: ARM errata 754323 implementation?

Dirk Behme dirk.behme at
Thu Sep 3 00:40:21 PDT 2015


looking through the ARM Cortex A9 errata list [1] I wonder why we don't 
have a workaround for

(754323) Repeated Store in the same cache line might delay the 
visibility of the Store

in the kernel? Or have I missed it?

We do have the workaround for the related erratum #754327 implemented 
[2], but that is supposed only for cores prior to r2p0.

While #754323 seems to affect all newer cores, too?

Any idea?

Best regards


[1] ARM Cortex-A9 processors
r4 releases
Software Developers Errata Notice
ARM UAN 0009D (ID032315)


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