[PATCH 0/3] ARM: dts: Enable Exynos RNG module

Krzysztof Kozlowski k.kozlowski at samsung.com
Wed Oct 28 23:24:54 PDT 2015

On 25.10.2015 08:58, Tobias Jakobi wrote:
> Hello Krzysztof,
> Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
>> On 20.10.2015 01:11, Tobias Jakobi wrote:
>>> Hello Krzysztof,
>>> I can confirm that this also works on a Odroid-X2, so I guess it's safe
>>> to enable the PRNG for all Exynos4412-based Odroid devices.
>> Sure, I can send a patch for that. I can test it later also on Odroid-U3.
> Thanks already!
>>> Any chance that you might also take a look at the other hwcrypto stuff
>>> on the SoC ('samsung,exynos4210-secss' compatible)?
>> What do you mean? The s5p-sss driver already supports Device Tree.
> The driver supports DT, but it doesn't really work.
> I'm using the following DT entry to let the driver probe correctly:
> https://github.com/tobiasjakobi/linux-odroid/commit/82c00cddb5cbf89fad994784c28c8125beae8e13
> But the crypto self-test fails on boot:
> alg: skcipher: encryption failed on test 1 for ecb-aes-s5p: ret=22
> Another problems is that SSS and PRNG can't be used at the same time,
> since they both use common hardware resources (I think it was IO).

Thanks for explaining this. I added the issue to the long TODO list but
I don't know when I will be able to dig into this.

If anyone wants to look into this, please go ahead...

Best regards,

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