[PATCH 1/2] arm64: Workaround renaming of __GFP_WAIT

Robin Murphy robin.murphy at arm.com
Wed Oct 28 04:01:05 PDT 2015

Hi Joerg,

On 28/10/15 00:53, Joerg Roedel wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2015 at 04:33:41PM +0100, Robin Murphy wrote:
>> The imminent renaming of __GFP_WAIT in the mm tree conflicts with its
>> use in the new IOMMU DMA ops; introduce a temporary local version of
>> its replacement to smooth over the transition.
>> This patch should be reverted at 4.4-rc1.
> I lost track here, are these two patches required in the iommu tree for
> the next merge window?

Andrew has the equivalent of patch 2 as a fixup on top of Mel's series, 
which Stephen is currently carrying as a merge resolution in -next. I'm 
assuming this will go into the final merge as well, so as long as Linus 
takes the IOMMU tree first we should be OK as-is.


> 	Joerg

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