[PATCH] Revert "serial: amba-pl011: fix incorrect integer size in pl011_fifo_to_tty()"

Huang Shijie shijie.huang at arm.com
Sun Oct 25 19:13:07 PDT 2015

The 10/23/2015 11:38, Timur Tabi wrote:
> On 10/23/2015 11:02 AM, Dave P Martin wrote:
> >I'm pretty sure CREAD should default to enabled[1], and that usually
> >software won't modify it.
> >
> >Assuming that this is indeed the problem, it's possible that another bug
> >in the pl011 driver is wrongly clearing this flag.  Sadly I don't have
> >time to look at the code again just now ...:(
> Perhaps, but !CREAD is definitely broken without this patch.  So if the
> driver really is clearing CREAD somewhere else, then that's where the real
> bug is.
> >
> >Could be interesting to stick some BUG_ON(!CREAD) in the driver to
> >try and track down where that's coming from.
> CREAD is disabled by default when opening the console.  You need to
> explicitly set it in the termios structure.  I can easily believe that
> Huang's rootfs is just forgetting to set that bit because for the last five
> years, it didn't matter.
> Huang,
> In the beginning of pl011_set_termios() and sbsa_uart_set_termios(), please
> add this code:
>       BUG_ON(!(termios->c_cflag & CREAD));
I find after I reverted this patch, the console also can hang sometimes!

So the hang issue maybe caused by other patches.

Huang Shijie


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