[PATCH 2/3] i2c: uniphier_f: add UniPhier FIFO-builtin I2C driver

Masahiro Yamada yamada.masahiro at socionext.com
Fri Oct 23 03:59:54 PDT 2015

2015-10-23 6:06 GMT+09:00 Wolfram Sang <wsa at the-dreams.de>:
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 05:12:21PM +0900, Masahiro Yamada wrote:
>> Add support for on-chip I2C controller used on newer UniPhier SoCs
>> such as PH1-Pro4, PH1-Pro5, etc.  This adapter is equipped with
>> 8-depth TX/RX FIFOs.
>> Signed-off-by: Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro at socionext.com>
> Same comments as for the other driver.

Fixed in v2.

> And quite some debug messages left. Could you check if you still want
> them or if they were mostly useful during development of the driver?

Yes, I want to keep them.  I do not think they are too much.

I will probably come back to these drivers when I find some time
in order to implement further features such as the slave mode.   :)

dev_dbg() might be useful for the new development
as well as for checking something when hardware went wrong for some reason.

Best Regards
Masahiro Yamada

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