[PATCH v3 00/16] KVM: arm64: GICv3 ITS emulation

Eric Auger eric.auger at linaro.org
Wed Oct 14 01:48:46 PDT 2015

Hi Andre, Pavel
On 10/12/2015 05:18 PM, Pavel Fedin wrote:
>  Hello!
>> Also what is the status of Eric's IRQ routing support? Should this go in
>> first now?
>  I'd say without vITS there's nothing to use IRQ routing with. It could go in and just lay around
> silently, so that it's not forgotten, but for example current qemu just knows that with GICv2m it
> should use hardcoded linear MSI->SPI mapping.
Currently the gsi routing applies on top of ITS emulation series. I am
going to rebase it soon. It can go in 4.5 with ITS emulation series.

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> Kind regards,
> Pavel Fedin
> Expert Engineer
> Samsung Electronics Research center Russia

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