[PATCH v4 00/26] ARM: pxa: magician: Rework HTC Magician support

Robert Jarzmik robert.jarzmik at free.fr
Sun Oct 11 12:59:24 PDT 2015

Robert Jarzmik <robert.jarzmik at free.fr> writes:

> Petr Cvek <petr.cvek at tul.cz> writes:
>>> Thanks (a pozdrav :-),
>>> 								Pavel
> Hi Petr,
> I'll start applying part of this serie today evening (my evening).
> All Philipp's acked patches for a start.
> For the minor changes required by Philipp (comments, ...), if you just state by
> mail that you agree I'll make them inline before applying.
> Cheers.
> --
> Robert
Ok, applied and pushed out in pxa/for-next
    https://github.com/rjarzmik/linux.git pxa/for-next :

425c97c3c937 ARM: pxa: magician: Move platform_add_devices() to the end of magician_init()
3b1c0c4ae8fd ARM: pxa: magician: Add missing regulator for PWM backlight
452f1945c9b7 ARM: pxa: magician: Add debug message for backlight brightness function
20c1c7bb35c2 ARM: pxa: magician: Remove definition of the STUART port
3181b4a3815d ARM: pxa: magician: Fix wrongly enabled USB host ports
ba79d845999d ARM: pxa: magician: Fix support for Intel Strata NOR Flash
d62591e4e5d1 ARM: pxa: magician: Fix redundant GPIO request for pxaficp_ir
d73219de5868 ARM: pxa: magician: Fix platform data for both PXA27x I2C controllers
48e112eb54eb ARM: pxa: magician: Fix and add charging detection functions
65cd6cc24910 ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize Samsung LCD refresh to 50Hz
c85c66dbc212 ARM: pxa: magician: Rename charger cable detection EGPIOs
6fd9d402d8c4 ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize powerup delays for Samsung LCD
e391a4d95dd4 ARM: pxa: magician: Rename abstract LCD GPIOs
32bed563d51f ARM: pxa: magician: Add new discovered EGPIO pins
ab558b6c5834 ARM: pxa: magician: Change description of LCD power GPIO
c1ed9f57e853 ARM: pxa: magician: Optimize debug messages for LCD power
33e910e79b77 ARM: pxa: magician: Print more specific error message for global GPIOs
4c006b908a07 ARM: pxa: magician: Fix indentation in machine files

That leaves out 8 patches, for you to :
 - either resubmit (rebased on top of the pxa/for-next tree)
 - or drop (mostly because of Philipp's NACK or the camera reset)

This way your next submission should be quite shorter and easy to manage.



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