[PATCH v3 0/6] GICv3: add 32bit compatibility

Marc Zyngier marc.zyngier at arm.com
Fri Oct 9 06:15:23 PDT 2015

On Thu,  1 Oct 2015 13:47:13 +0100
Jean-Philippe Brucker <jean-philippe.brucker at arm.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> This series adds 32bit support to the GICv3 driver. Only SGIs, PPIs and
> SPIs support is present, no ITS.
> Currently, the main targets for those patches are 32bit guests running under
> KVM. They can now use affinity routing and theoretically have a lot more than
> 8 CPUs. During my tests, I was able to use 16 virtual CPUs on an AEM model.
> We don't support 32bit hosts with GICv3 at the moment. I added a patch to allow
> building a host when CONFIG_ARM_GIC_V3 enabled, as pointed out by Vladimir in
> the last series. When attempting to run such host with a device-tree that
> declares GICv3, KVM will refuse to start, and throw a -ENODEV error.
> Some time has passed since last series, but I am now available full-time to act
> on reviews and comments.
> Changes since v2 [2]:
> - rebased on 4.3-rc3,
> - add a sixth patch to handle build with CONFIG_KVM + CONFIG_ARM_GIC_V3.
> Changes since v1 [1]:
> - fix the mistakes pointed out on the list,
> - add a patch to select ARM_GIC_V3 under ARCH_VIRT.
> Cheers,
> Jean

Hi Jean-Philippe,

Looks good to me: Reviewed-by: Marc Zyngier <marc.zyngier at arm.com>

There is some conflicts with stuff I have queued already (the 64bit
SRE stuff), but I can fix that up pretty easily, assuming Christoffer
doesn't have any objection to the last patch.


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