[GIT PULL] Broadcom defconfig changes for v4.4

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Oct 8 11:38:08 PDT 2015

On Thursday 08 October 2015 10:23:10 Florian Fainelli wrote:
> On 06/10/15 07:04, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> > On Friday 02 October 2015 15:20:55 Florian Fainelli wrote:
> >> This pull request contains the following changes for the multi_v7_defconfig:
> >>
> >> - Jon adds support for the NorthStar Plus SocS to the multi_v7_defconfig file
> >>
> >>
> > 
> > Merged into next/defconfig, thanks!
> There are 3 other pull requests for Device Tree, SoC/driver and
> MAINTAINERS file updates, is the threading confusing?

Yes, I guess I was confused by that.

I see now that I moved the entire mail thread into my 'done' folder.
Some other maintainers post all patches in the series as replies to
the git pull mail, and I must have assumed you did the same, or I
just didn't look when moving this thread.

I think it would help if you change the subject line to [GIT PULL 1/4],
which makes it a bit more obvious in the future.

Thanks for the report, I've now put them back into my todo folder and
should get to it by tomorrow at the latest.


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