[PATCH v4 1/5] PCI: Add pci_bus_fixup_irqs().

Lorenzo Pieralisi lorenzo.pieralisi at arm.com
Thu Oct 8 02:18:43 PDT 2015

Hi Matthew,

On Thu, Oct 08, 2015 at 03:07:34AM +0100, Matthew Minter wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 October 2015 18:08:47 Bjorn Helgaas wrote:


> Yes, I had been working on this last year, and got a patchset that was tested 
> on arm, x86 (and amd64), and slightly tested on powerpc. However I was not 
> able to test other architectures as they were not available in the software 
> lab I work in but should in theory work on all arches the kernel runs on.
> I can say that that patchset is being used by several projects out of tree 
> currently but unfortunately due to a shift in priorities in the lab I was 
> working for I lost access to the resources to develop and test the patch 
> easily.
> I have done some additional work personally on it but so far have not got 
> anything that I am happy to submit for inclusion in tree. (due to a number of 
> issues in structure and  a complication relating to weak functions where 
> multiple variations of the same arch exist.
> You can see in thread that is linked above 
> (http://lkml.kernel.org/r/1412222866-21068-1-git-send-email-matt@masarand.com)
> some feedback on the issues that need to be solved.
> I also expect that the patchset needs to be pulled forward to a newer kernel 
> as I have been working in a frozen tree without rebasing to reduce test 
> complexity.
> I would be happy to put some time this weekend if possible into reviewing the 
> state of this and seeing if I can at least put together a version running on a 
> recent kernel. I can also go over the issues again which were proving 
> problematic and see if any of them are easy to fix.
> However I can only work on this in my own time for now and on my own boxes 
> (which are all x86 and amd64) so the amount I can do will be limited. 

I was not aware of your patchset but I am happy to see that code since it
is definitely the right approach and I am willing to help you test it on
arm with the HW I have (probably it will also help remove some code
from arm64 too), let me know when you have a branch ready to test and
if you need any help in rebasing the set.


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