[PATCH] PM / OPP: fix debugfs files for 64-bit

Viresh Kumar viresh.kumar at linaro.org
Thu Oct 8 00:48:28 PDT 2015

On 07-10-15, 21:12, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> I think it clearly makes sense to have a fixed length for each of these
> members:
> either 32 bit is enough to represent all possible values, then
> there is no need to make them 'long' on 64-bit architectures, or 32 bit
> is not enough and then the code is broken on 32-bit architectures today
> and should be fixed.

I agree.

But I am not 100% sure why it was done this way to start with.
Probably this is the logic behind that:
- Max clock rate supported by a u32 is ~ 4.295 GHz
- People expected that, we will not reach this rate for 32 bit systems
  but for 64 bit ones.
- If above is true, then making it u64 for all will generate not very
  optimized code for 32bit systems, as we need to fetch two 32bit
  values everytime then.
- And making it u32 for 64 bit systems wouldn't be great as well, as
  we need to mask out half of the read value.

Ofcourse, Mike and Stephen can correct me here :)

> In my patch, I assumed that if 32-bit architectures work fine today, then
> we don't need more range on 64-bit architectures either.

The problem here is that we haven't fixed it properly.
- clock framework expects it to be unsigned long
- DT is sending a 64 bit value in Hz
- But we are storing and exposing it in u32

That's weird, isn't it?

So, either we update clock API and other similar APIs to u64 or u32
(which may not be the right thing to do), Or we keep it unsigned long
here as well and add debugfs_create_ulong().


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