Regression: USB OTG port breaks after a few hours in host mode on iMX6

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at
Wed Oct 7 01:22:22 PDT 2015

This bug is soo obscure, I'm not even sure how to start debugging it.
This never used to be a problem, but I'm not sure when it started as
USB (in general) is not something I use regularly.

In this setup, the USB OTG port is wired in host mode via pinmix
configuration of the USB OTG ID pin:


The problem characterised so far: after booting the kernel, USB seems
to work fine.  You can plug and unplug devices from both USB host and
USB OTG ports, and it's detected.

If you boot a kernel with nothing plugged in, leave it for maybe four
hours, then plug in a device to either port, the device will be seen
in the USB host port, but completely ignored in the USB OTG port.
Both USB OTG ports have power, confirmed last night when using a USB
microscope with built-in LED lighting: the LEDs are functional, the
device is otherwise completely ignored.

The above is basically what I know so far: I don't know when the port
fails, whether in the case of "boot, wait four hours, and it's dead"
whether it's dead from boot: when I've tried testing it immediately
after boot, it's worked.

As it takes around four hours to reproduce, and I have a massive patch
stack on top of the kernel for this platform, I'm unwilling to attempt
a git bisection to try and find when this occurred, but I know it's
been going on for a while now as I've noticed the same behaviour when
I transfer my logitech USB receiver to that port.

I had thought it was a power issue, but the USB camera last night
confirmed that it's a port driver issue.

Certainly earlier 3.x kernels did not have this behaviour.

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