[PATCH] ARM:mm: fix kmap_atomic_to_page

Nicolas Pitre nicolas.pitre at linaro.org
Tue Oct 6 18:37:41 PDT 2015

On Tue, 6 Oct 2015, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:

> On Tue, Oct 06, 2015 at 08:09:33PM +0900, Chanho Min wrote:
> > Since kmap_atomic returns the pkmap address without a new mapping to
> > fixmap for the page that is already mapped by kmap, It should be
> > considered for the pkmap address in kmap_atomic_to_page.
> What's the reasoning behind this change, given that I can find lots of
> definitions of kmap_atomic_to_page() in the kernel, but not a single
> user of this.
> If there's no users, should we be deleting this code?

I think commit 5bbeed12bdc3 provides the answer to that question.


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