[RFT 3/3] ARM: dts: Fix usb3503 probe by enabling phy on exynos5250-arndale

Krzysztof Kozlowski k.kozlowski at samsung.com
Tue Oct 6 17:30:07 PDT 2015

On Arndale board (unlike Odroid U3) the USB3503 hub controller is
connected in phy mode (not through I2C). For successful probe it needs
to get reference to proper phy and enable it.

Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Kozlowski <k.kozlowski at samsung.com>
Reported-by: Kevin Hilman <khilman at kernel.org>
Reported-by: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>
Cc: Kevin Hilman <khilman at kernel.org>
Cc: Arnd Bergmann <arnd at arndb.de>
Cc: riku.voipio at linaro.org
Cc: Marek Szyprowski <m.szyprowski at samsung.com>
 arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dts | 2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)

diff --git a/arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dts b/arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dts
index c000532c1444..e213f31acbf3 100644
--- a/arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dts
+++ b/arch/arm/boot/dts/exynos5250-arndale.dts
@@ -114,6 +114,8 @@
 		reset-gpios = <&gpx3 5 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
 		connect-gpios = <&gpd1 7 GPIO_ACTIVE_LOW>;
+		phys = <&usb2_phy_gen 3>;
+		phy-names = "usb2-phy";

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